The first region in the Magna Global Bold Perspective Award has announced its results – we reveal the winning work 

Car Design News Magna Bold Perspective China Swifter main image

Swifter - the winning design

Magna’s Global Bold Perspective Award student design competition asked students based in Europe, North America and China to develop innovative vehicle exterior designs for 20-30 years into the future. Three highly creative designs have been chosen by the judges for the China region.

The exterior of the vehicle was a mandatory part of the design, but the judges were looking for work which went beyond surface appearance and really considered the whole environment and context the vehicle would exist in.

Bolin Sun and Gong Jinyun from Dalian University of Technology (Industrial Design) won the top award for China with their entry ‘Swifter’.

This design took traditional Chinese culture and new tech and imagined a private, 3D space for travel. The style of the exterior of the vehicle was inspired by a traditional Chinese kite to create a quiet, light and fast structure. The material used in the construction of this car can re-form into different, petal-like shapes, even expanding to accommodate a mattress (when not in motion) and become a tent in the wilderness.

Car Design News Magna Bold Perspective China Swifter second image, unfolding

Swifter, unfolding


Judge Jay Shuster (Pixar Animation) said: “This is my number-one pick. It is the most advanced, complex shape of the group yet is anchored by a traditional fan design, which I find a beautiful and sculptural statement. Exploiting the fan concept for its alternate function as a peaceful haven is appealing – I’d like to see the interior volume developed a bit more, however, my fascination with these folded, delicate forms wins in the end.”

Magna’s Larry Erickson said: “The goal for many designs is to provide more than just transportation – it is also to travel well, experience a beautiful journey and feel excited about the final destination. The Swifter creatively blends Bolin Sun and Gong Jinyun’s culture, innovative use of materials and the adventure of travel. Achieving all those things in a beautiful form is what makes this entry stand out.”

Hai Hu plus Yin Yu (group entry) and Lu Tao came in runners up with their work S-Gen and Nissan Spinning 130 respectively. S-Gen impressed judges with the way it challenged the assumption of autonomy in all vehicles of the future. Their submission focused on incorporating driving pleasure into a vehicle with autonomous capability, with multiple driving modes and interesting packaging solutions. Judge Freeman Thomas commented: “I appreciated that this concept communicated ‘fun to drive’, agile, functionality and honesty.”

Car Design News Magna Bold Perspective China S-Gen main image

S-Gen, runner up

The playful Nissan Spinning 130 concept referenced zorbing ‘people stay in the ball and push the ball in any direction’. The concept also features live broadcasting to Tik Tok (streaming platform for short videos) with fossil collecting claws in the front and an integrated tent in the rear. Judge Freeman Thomas said: “I liked the form reflected it’s function. It wasn’t just another ‘speedform’ taking up an abundance of space. The concept looked efficient, mature and well thought out.”

Car Design News Magna Bold Perspective China Nissan 130

Nissan 130, runner up

One of the students who designed the winning entry ‘Swifter’ will be going to LA in November to collect their prize and then on to the LA motor show (with $5000 in their pocket) and will stay in the competition for the overall global award, which could win them an additional $5000.

The 2019 Magna Global Bold Perspective Award has been wholly sponsored by Magna Exteriors and run by Car Design News. The winners of the Europe and North American regions will be announced next month (July 2019)