HMI/UX design

  • Byton M-Byte - int dash 1

    Frankfurt 2019: Byton inches closer to massive screen production


    Genuine unique selling points among the proliferation of new electric car brands are becoming harder to discern but Byton’s M-Byte still has one – and it’s a big one: its dashboard-dominating 48-inch screen. Gaining its world debut at the Frankfurt motor show, the design team behind the Chinese marque’s mid-size SUV EV gave Car Design News a run-through of its production-ready features

  • cdn-mercedes-eqc-hmi

    HMI walk through: Mercedes-Benz EQC 1886 media playback

    2019-09-18T14:25:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s video from Screens runs through the EQC’s media playback interface, with music sources on offer including radio, audio over bluetooth and USB devices. Watch the video to see how the car neatly displays tracks and playlists on screen for easy multitouch browsing

  • cdn-vw-touareg-hmi

    HMI walk through: VW Touareg head unit user personalisation

    2019-09-11T08:43:00Z Sponsored by

    The 2019 VW Touareg offers drivers a number of ways to tailor the infotainment UI to suit their needs. Screens’ latest video gives an overview of how you can configure the car’s head unit screen to customise your in car experience and display the information most relevant to you

  • cdn-jaguar-i-pace-screens

    HMI walk through: Jaguar I-Pace navigation system

    2019-09-04T16:12:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s HMI walk through focuses on the Jaguar I-Pace’s satellite navigation system. Can Jaguar’s feature packed sat nav compete with the likes of Google Maps in terms of usability? Screens let us know in their latest video

  • BMW X7 cockpit 2019

    HMI walk through: BMW X7 Head Unit

    2019-08-27T16:22:00Z Sponsored by

    New video walk through from Screens on the BMW X7 Head Unit. A comprehensive video narrative of the user experience of the dominant display unit in this big BMW, including customising screens and navigating through all the different tiles and sub-menus. 

  • cdn-screens-mercedes-eqc-cockpit

    Exclusive: HMI walk through: Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886 widescreen cockpit

    2019-08-20T08:13:00Z Sponsored by

    In a brand new video, CDN premieres Screens latest review featuring the UX of the Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886. Watch to find out how the car’s head unit and instrument cluster combine to form a high resolution widescreen cockpit

  • cdn-screens-porsche-panamera-e-hybrid-2019

    Exclusive: HMI walk through: Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid head unit overview

    2019-08-13T08:15:00Z Sponsored by

    Premiering on CDN, this latest video from Screens reviews the touch UX of the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid 2019’s head unit display

  • cdn-screens-kia-e-niro-adas-v2

    HMI walk through: Kia e-Niro

    2019-08-06T08:16:00Z Sponsored by

    In their latest video, Screens tested the ADAS functions of the 2019 Kia e-Niro such as lane keep assist, speed limiter and active cruise control

  • cdn-screens-bmw-x7-head-unit

    HMI walk through: BMW X7

    2019-07-30T08:36:00Z Sponsored by

    In their latest video HMI benchmarkers Screens review the BMW X7’s head unit gesture controls

  • CDN-Screens-Jaguar-I-Pace-Touchscreen

    HMI walk through: Jaguar I-Pace

    2019-07-23T08:16:00Z Sponsored by

    HMI benchmarkers Screens review the Jaguar I-Pace head unit and instrument cluster which are packed with functionality and feature smartphone like UX