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  • XiM21_ext_001_300dpi (1)

    Yanfeng’s new XiM21 concept looks to the (very near) future


    From the moment the presentation of Yanfeng’s new concept began, it was clear that this was a bit different. For one thing, the concept has an exterior. While the focus is clearly not on the exterior, the fact it has one is noteworthy. Recent years have seen interior-only concepts from Yanfeng. This concept demonstrates lots of types of technology and solutions that can be seen on the latest releases (such as the S-Class) with some near-future tech too. As presenter Han Hendriks, chief technology officer YFT, explained, the feedback they recived on the futuristic XIM20 concept was: ‘but which technology can we put in vehicles in the next two years?’ XiM21 certainly answers that question.

  • lucid-air-exterior-06

    First sight: Lucid Air


    Lucid designers take us behind the scenes of the Silicon Valley startup’s first production car, a luxury electric saloon set to disrupt the competition with new proportions and more than 500 miles of range.

  • Envisage-902573

    Envisaging the future of automotive design


    Envisage Group is well-known for producing motor show concepts for the world’s leading OEMs, but as Tim Strafford, CEO Envisage, and Mick Bradley, Production Director, explain, the work the company is currently undertaking goes far beyond that and is, in fact, servicing the leading edge of what modern car companies need from design support businesses. “Envisage Group is more than just a model-maker, it offers primary support services to design operations at all levels, from start-up, through one-off and bespoke vehicles to large automotive companies,” says Tim Strafford.

  • New_SEAT_Leon_FR__Nevada_White-Small-33679

    Driven: Seat Leon


    Michael Nash takes the new Seat Leon out for a ride and provides an insight into its design features

  • Skoda ENYAQ iV interior

    Inside Skoda’s first all-electric SUV


    Norbert Weber, head of interior design at Skoda, highlights the key interior features of the Enyaq iV

  • Rebecca Heath, lead colour and materials designer at Envisage Group

    CDN Podcast Episode 3 featuring Rebecca Heath, lead colour and materials designer at Envisage Group


    Rebecca Heath, lead colour and materials designer at Envisage Group, explains how different approaches to sustainability could play a role in the car of the future

  • Covestro-14-08-196153

    Material values

    2020-06-29T14:53:00Z Sponsored by Covestro

    Jochen Hardt, Vice President, Global Marketing Mobility at Covestro, puts the case for polymers and polycarbonates in mobility solutions

  • All-new_F-150_Exterior sketch_02

    Ford F-150 redesign puts customers at its (mighty) heart


    The new Ford F-150, launched in the early hours of this morning, UK time, holds few surprises on the exterior, it is recognisably an F-150, look inside and the storage and truck-as-workplace solutions are beautifully resolved and carefully thought-out.

  • Allen Brown Ford colour and materials 2

    How to do car design remotely – Ford colour and materials


    Ford’s colour and materials design manager, Allen Brown, describes how he and his team have adapted the way they work. 

  • 266555_small-15576-all-newpeugeot208

    HMI walk through: Peugeot e208 highlights

    2020-06-03T13:08:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s video from Screens reviews the Peugeot e208’s UX highlights, including head unit and instrument cluster features

  • 1. Lexus LF-30 - side open - Tokyo 2019 official

    Lexus LF-30 - interior design development


    Lexus’ electric vision pitched for the year 2030 was designed in the European ED2 studio and began with a very open brief

  • CnTFactory

    Top 5 colour and trim trends by CnT Factory


    Warm neutral tones are high in, greys are out. The CnT Factory top 5 colour and trim trends report is here

  • IP ombre wood 2021-GMC-YukonXL-Denali-115

    2021 GMC Yukon Denali - interior story


    General Motors has brought its most premium SUV to-date to market with the 2021 Yukon Denali. “We challenged ourselves to build on more than two decades of iconic design and take it to the next level,” Matthew Noone, Director of design for GMC (and Chevrolet) told Interior Motives at the Yukon’s premiere 

  • LDA Design VOICE

    LDA Design’s new design-led studio


    LDA Design prides itself on being a small and agile company with strong Italian heritage

  • BMW i Interaction Ease

    BMW i Interaction Ease - interior only concept


    This concept collaboration between BMW’s Californian DesignWorks satellite and its Munich studio gave us a compelling insight into how cloud-enabled ‘shy tech’ could deliver a luxury autonomous travel experience while also simplifying the interior to the point that it was difficult to recognise this was a car at all.

  • Tech focus

    Technology focus - interior story


    The interior of new cars is evolving fast with new technologies constantly introduced

  • 266552_small-15567-all-newpeugeot208ande-208interiors

    HMI walk through: Peugeot e208 head unit display

    2020-05-20T07:35:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s video from Screens reviews the features of the Peugeot e208’s head unit display, which forms part of the car’s i-Cockpit

  • 266551_small-15566-all-newpeugeot208ande-208interiors

    HMI walk through: Peugeot e208 instrument cluster overview

    2020-05-13T08:31:00Z Sponsored by

    Screens review the UI of the digital instrument cluster in Peugeot’s electric e208, which features the latest version of the French carmaker’s layered i-Cockpit

  • cdn-golf-8-gestures

    HMI walk through: VW Golf 8 gesture controls

    2020-05-06T00:01:00Z Sponsored by

    Watch this video review from Screens to see how gesture controls work in the VW Golf 8 and how these gestures control the UI of the centre console screen

  • cdn-golf-8-touchslider

    HMI walk through: VW Golf 8 touch slider

    2020-04-29T00:01:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s video review from Screens demonstrates how you can operate the car’s UX functions using a touch slider interface mounted below the large centre console screen