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  • Lancia Delta HF

    Interview: Stellantis chief design officer, Jean-Pierre Ploué on Lancia’s future


    An almost forgotten brand, Lancia is now the focus of Stellantis’ chief design officer Jean-Pierre Ploué who will oversee the revival of the brand. Car Design News spoke to him about legacy, why he likes small teams and what makes Lancia unique

  • 05_bis_Lancia_Aurelia GT B20

    Lancia chiefs talk through 115 years of design


    Luca Napolitano and Jean-Pierre Ploué look back on Lancia’s 115 year design history as the company gears up to make a come-back

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    Jean-Pierre Ploué to lead Lancia’s revival


    A somewhat forgotten brand, Lancia’s fortunes have flagged in recent years. Could its also-ran status be reversed under the tutelage of Jean-Pierre Ploué, Stellantis European design boss?  

  • Lancia Dialogos 2

    Concept Car of the Week: Lancia Dialogos (1998)


    For any brand with a long heritage, there is always a tension between the past and future. The past is a rich source of design ideas, but can also hinder the need to drive the brand’s image and design language into the future. How do you reconcile the two?

  • Lancia Medusa 01

    Concept Car of the Week: Lancia Medusa (1980)


    When was the last time the humble family car paradigm was thoroughly questioned and progress made? Yes we’ve made huge strides in terms of refining and finessing details, but the overall concept hasn’t changed since Giorgetto Giugiaro defined the segment with his 1974 Volkswagen Golf.

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    Lancia Delta


    This is an important new car for Lancia, as the brand has been limping for several years now with a odd range comprising of the small Ypsilon and Musa and the larger Thesis sedan and Phedra MPV.

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    Lancia Delta HPE concept


    The Lancia Delta of 1980 was the first compact front wheel drive Lancia, sharing its platform with the same size Strada from parent company Fiat, and was one of the most distinctively elegant cars in the class as well as one of Giugiaro's best designs.

  • Lancia Megagamma 01

    Concept Car of the Week: Lancia Megagamma (1978)


    Visitors to the 1978 Turin Auto show expected the latest Giugiaro sports car concept. Instead, they were shocked to see a truncated version of Lancia’s Gamma fastback sedan. What was it? A little utility van? A stumpy estate wagon? The Italian maestro had in fact invented the MPV

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    Wolfgang Egger replaces Robinson at Lancia


    As anticipated, Mike Robinson has been appointed head of the Fiat Design Centre.

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    Lancia Delta HPE concept


    Lancia has released pictures of the Delta High Performance Estate (HPE) that has just been unveiled at the 63rd Venice International Film Festival.

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    Lancia Delta


    The new Lancia Delta, the first totally new car in the automaker's second century of manufacturing, is set to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. A historical name associated with a peak in Lancia's motoring past, Delta is also a mathematical symbol that stands for change, difference and ...

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    Chrysler/Lancia Ypsilon


    To celebrate 25 years of the Lancia Ypsilon, the Fiat is set to launch an all new variant at the 81st Geneva motor show. Based on a stretched Fiat 500 platform, the Ypsilon boasts an extra 300mm between its front and rear wheels, improving rear legroom and ...

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    Lorenzo Ramaciotti to head Chrysler and Lancia design


    Lorenzo Ramaciotti, current head of design at Fiat Group, has been tasked with leading the design of future Chrysler and Lancia products in a bid to more than double the sales figures of the newly collaborated brands.

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    Designer Interview: Frank Stephenson, Director of Design Fiat, Lancia, and Group LCV


    Car Design News caught up with Frank Stephenson last month in Geneva to talk about Fiat, design - and what makes one of our industry's most ebullient design directors tick!The last time we spoke with Frank he was Director of Concept Design and Development for Ferrari and Maserati. Now, and ...

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    Concept Car of the Week: Lancia Bertone Sibilo (1978)


    The second half of the ‘70s saw automotive design fall into an era of uninspired and uninspiring economic cars finished with cheap plastic add-ons and stuffed with beige itchy fabrics. Working from the little Bertone studio in Turin, it seems Marcello Gandini didn’t get the memo and carried on drawing futuristic wedgey supercars.

  • lancia-stratos-zero-ccotw-34.jpg

    Concept Car of the Week: Lancia Stratos Zero (1970)


    The Lancia Stratos Zero took the 1970 Turin Motor Show by storm, propelling designer Marcello Gandini into superstardom 

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    Comment: This is not a Lancia


    It’s easy to be convinced by the Fiat-Chrysler group rhetoric about the future of brands, and what’s going on with badge engineering right now