At the 2019 Guangzhou auto show, Dongfeng Venucia unveiled a newly designed car, the Xing, which utilises the Venucia Design philosophy of Energetic Elegance

The beauty of Energetic Elegance: Xing
Energetic Elegance emphasises the harmony and unity of the body shape. With stretched structural lines, the plump surface highlights the visual effect, making the exterior look extremely dynamic and giving impact. On the Xing, the new production car in the Venucia family, light and shadow are emphasised. A curved volume uses the whole surface and tension to express the sense of power.

A simple, clear and volumetric waistline runs through the body, with a high-quality lustre to create visual impact. High-gloss film on the B, C and D columns and the small facia gap highlight the smooth sides, and such integration makes the cabin look clean and simple. From any angle, the bright and dark body surfaces transition naturally and rhythmically, with renewed textures in multiple dimensions.

V-Galaxy design language
Details are inspired by the V-Galaxy design theme: ‘V’ from Venucia, and ‘Galaxy’ demonstrating an influence from the shining planets in the universe. Venucia’s designers have used parametric design within the front grille, through a gradual and extended method in which the triangular light sheets are arranged from the centre to the sides, from dense to sparse, large to small. This presents a visual experience that highlights the beauty of the galaxy.

V-Galaxy also creates the Venucia family’s multi-faceted front face pattern. The Galaxy grille, the pulsar “SOAR” dynamic DTRL, and the double-projection LED headlights – surrounded by a silver-plated frame – are smoothly connected to each other to construct the Venucia family front face which reflects a starry sky in exquisite craftsmanship.

Interior design
The Xing’s interior design develops the wrap-around layout from The V concept. Opening the doors, the embracing cabin shape offers a spacious, light visual experience, creating a sense of vast space. In the T-type integrated central control design, the spectacular lines stretch to the sides like the horizon, and smoothly connect with the piano-black panel. This further highlights the spaciousness and comfort of the interior. The modern minimalist style highlights the sense of quality, technology and homeliness in the overall atmosphere.

Careful design, simple technology
All elements of the interior are connected and complement each other, with the details carefully thought-out in depth by the designers. Paying attention to actual needs of drivers and passengers, most physicallyoperating parts are converted into intelligently controlled virtual buttons. These match the surrounding cockpit patterns. From the touch-sensitive steering wheel to the transparent decoration of the co-pilot display panel, the technologies are displayed and presented clearly and simply, yet vividly.

In this multi-functional cockpit concept, the futuristic, interactive steering wheel demonstrates the charm of technology. The co-pilot’s digital display screen is decorated with a flowing light film, featuring silver matte plating strips and carbonfibre 3D metal-textured decorative parts. The exquisite craftsmanship and detailing blend to give a delicate light and shadow interplay. For high-quality, artistic aesthetics, the design team constantly optimised the light transmittance of the film, adjusted the gradient effect and arc of the lines, and created a fluid visual experience.

Luxurious and comfortable experience
The centre control panel, IP, steering wheel and seats are covered with a large area of soft and delicate leather. For top-level driving enjoyment, the driver’s seat adopts a curved surface that fits the human body; and the front seats have individually-adjustable leg-rests. The aviation-inspired headrest provides passengers with a large contact area, improving the fit and support to the head. The open interior and flat floor also provides ample space for rear passengers, with extra-large knee space and horizontal shoulder space. A panoramic sunroof with a large lighttransmitting area gives a wide field of vision.

Three colour schemes are available: all black, black-grey, and black-brown. The all-black colourway is embellished with silver metallic textures, the delicate black cladding and high-quality silver metal lustres complementing each other and creating a calm, smart cockpit atmosphere. The black-grey colour scheme heightens the sense of fashion and technology. The cold-toned grey, black and silver metallic lustre presents multi-level visual effects under the cockpit’s ambient lighting, giving a technological, futuristic atmosphere. Brown symbolises luxury and comfort: to explore this impression, the designers constantly adjusted the lightness, hue and saturation to create a new, youthful light brown with a sense of technology. Combining natural wood grain, high-grade leather and technical metal, this interior decoration expresses extraordinary elegance.

The Venucia design team has brought together art and technology to create the Xing’s magnificent appearance and beautiful interior.