Design students can now enter GAC’s new design competition to be in a chance with winning a large cash prize and a job at the Chinese carmaker

GAC has launched a new design competition that aims to explore future mobility concepts. It is open to college students all over the world, and boasts some big prizes for the successful applicants.

“The competition is a platform for college students globally to develop their individuality and explore future mobility,” said Fan Zhang, vice president of GAC R&D and head of design. “It is intended for youngsters to create a new transportation paradigm and demonstrates GAC’s ongoing commitment to creative growth and also to drive change towards future mobility.”

Entrants are tasked with creating a “super mate for GAC Group’s 2050 new mobility business.” In the brief, cars are described as ‘super mates’ that accompany people throughout their lives and take them on a plethora of journeys, whether it’s a brief and relaxing trip to the coffee shop or a thrilling, lengthy ride along a winding mountain road. The ‘super mate’ holds a strong bond and emotional connection with its users while also being a functional and innovative transport solution.

Strong applications will delve into the user experience, ensuring their submissions include “any qualities that you think a super mate should possess while taking into consideration its business potential and aesthetics.” They will also demonstrate the vehicle’s capability, showing that it is designed to solve issues and challenges relating to mobility.

As well as submitting a proposal and images, students should also outline their talents, skills and hobbies in their applications. This, says GAC, will help the judges understand the students on a more personal level, thereby making the emotional connection to their ‘super mate’ concept clear.

The deadline for submission is 19 June 2022. A selection of eight concepts will then be chosen, with these students entering a “boot camp” at the GAC R&D Center in California. There will then be a semi-final contest before the final takes place on 29 September. The overall winner will receive CNY50,000 (US$7,500), while the runner-up, second runner-up, ‘outstanding award’ and ‘popularity award’ winners will receive CNY30,000, CNY20,000, CNY10,000 and CNY3,000 respectively. The first and second place winners will have their works made as scale models, and will be in with a chance of securing a job at the GAC Design Center.

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