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  • 2022 Range Rover clay 2

    What is the future of clay modelling?


    Designers from Mazda, Audi, Mahindra and Karma give their take on the outlook for clay modelling as digital tools begin to play a larger role 

  • Porsche 919 Street (2017; 1-1 clay model)

    Uncovering the Secrets of Porsche’s Concepts


    Ingo Scheinhütte, advanced design exterior manager at Porsche, talks Car Design News through the studio’s process when creating design studies

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    Watch: Design-for-manufacturing and light-weighting move to the top of the agenda


    This livestream investigates how designers and engineers at Ford, Gestamp and key suppliers are using innovative materials and creating light-weight architectures, including for models like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Maverick compact truck.

  • Envisage-902573

    Envisaging the future of automotive design


    Envisage Group is well-known for producing motor show concepts for the world’s leading OEMs, but as Tim Strafford, CEO Envisage, and Mick Bradley, Production Director, explain, the work the company is currently undertaking goes far beyond that and is, in fact, servicing the leading edge of what modern car companies need from design support businesses. “Envisage Group is more than just a model-maker, it offers primary support services to design operations at all levels, from start-up, through one-off and bespoke vehicles to large automotive companies,” says Tim Strafford.

  • CDN-CDR6-Prefix_282

    Prefix: Fit at 40

    2019-06-18T17:51:00Z Sponsored by

    Prototyping and bespoke build specialists Prefix are celebrating an anniversary – here’s how they got there, and where they’re going next 

  • CDN BMW Garmisch concept 1

    BMW recreates legendary BMW Garmisch


    BMW recreates a lost Bertone concept for Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

  • 2-1.jpg

    CDR5 Experts: Prefix

    2018-07-25T17:07:00Z Sponsored by

    The prototyping company’s head tells us how it’s all changing

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    Pic of the Day 755


    Tesla Model X prototype under construction in 2011

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    Acura ZDX prototype


    The immediate reaction to the ZDX is that this is Honda's take on the BMW X6.

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    Fioravanti expands into China in partnership with Eastone


    Renowned Italian design house Fioravanti has formed a partnership with Shanghai-based design and engineering consultancy Eastone