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  • Megane exterior 5

    Design review: Renault Megane


    Renault plays it safe with the design of the latest Megane. Michael Nash takes the new model for a spin

  • **Robert-1266 - hands outward with SM

    Obituary: The French maestro Robert Opron


    One of the finest car designers of the 20th Century, Robert Opron, passed away last week, aged 89. Responsible for masterpieces for Simca, Citroen, Renault and Alfa Romeo from the late 1950s to the late-80s – and one of the few recipients of the Car Design News Lifetime Achievement Award – we salute his life and influence, via still vivid memories of visiting his house south of Paris back in 2016 to discuss his career over Scotch and Pringles…

  • IM Summer 2020
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives Summer 2020 Digital Edition


    Check out the summer digital edition of Interior Motives, featuring in-depth interior design trends, interviews, sketches and galleries featuring Renault, Polestar, Tata, Ford and more

  • CDNWebinar_01_600x

    Watch: Geely’s Guy Burgoyne, SAIC’s Shao Jingfeng and Hyundai’s Simon Loasby livestream


    In this livestream discussion, Geely’s Guy Burgoyne, SAIC’s Shao Jingfeng and Hyundai’s Simon Loasby discuss the measures they have and are taking to keep studios working during lockdown and how the Chinese and Korean studios are adapting to going back to work and what measures are in place.

  • Gran Turismo Red Bull X2010_1-1 model (16x9)

    Concept Car of the Month: Gran Turismo Red Bull X1 (2010-19)


    Looking back to when a Formula 1 team and a video game studio collaborated to design the ultimate racing car

  • Cord 812

    Design Essay: how adversity shapes cars


    The changing face of car design through difficult times is in fact a prime example of humanity’s remarkable adaptability and resilience – not to mention our collective mood.

  • Citroen Ami  CL 20.006.001 9

    Are ’quadri-mobiles' the future of small cars?


    Over the last ten to fifteen years, a combination of more rigorous regulatory demands and increasing customer expectations conspired to create the finest superminis ever made. One look at cars like the Volkswagen Up or the latest Hyundai i10 is enough to realise that buyers of entry-level models never had it so good

  • _Renault MORPHOZ (19) - ext front-on retracted

    First Sight: Up close with Renault’s shape-shifting Morphoz


    Luckily Car Design News had already seen Renault’s Geneva Motor Show concept car up close and personal in Paris a week before the Swiss event got cancelled. Now the embargo has lifted here’s the lowdown on the remarkable vari-sized vehicle and its innovative interior direct from some of the key designers behind the project…

  • Byton M-Byte_interior

    Design Essay: Big Screen, Big Problem?


    Integrating screens in car interiors comes with a set of significant problems, from aesthetic decisions to considering the life-cycle of the vehicle. You could argue that how screens are handled within the instrument panel highlights many of the wider creative challenges of mobility design 

  • cdn-renault-clio-interior

    HMI walk through: Renault Clio

    2020-02-06T14:02:00Z Sponsored by

    The 2019 Renault Clio packs a punch in terms of in-car technology. Find a review of it’s many UX and UI features in Screens’ latest video review

  • Totomoxtle Fernando Laposse Heirloom Corn-veneer 01 300dpi
    Interior Motives

    2020 Trend Report by CnTFactory


    CnTFactory has teamed up with CDN and Interior Motives magazine to provide a quarterly report on the trends that every automotive designer should have in their moodboards

  • Opel GT2-01

    Concept Car of the Month: Opel GT2 (1975)


    A follow-up to a popular blue-collar sports car was one designer’s breakthrough project

  • Kookmin 2019_Dahyung Kang_E-SSENCE_01

    Degree Show: Kookmin University 2019


    Highlights from Kookmin University’s end of year automotive and transport design degree show in South Korea

  • 3bcc6310-peugeot_e-legend_1809styp724.jpg

    Design Essay: Why is Car Design so Hooked on the Past?


    Retro car designs have been appearing throughout the 21st century so far… but why are they so popular?

  • CES 2020 Toyota Woven-City-01

    CES 2020: Toyota debuts a concept city


    After the smorgasbord of tech and mobility solutions we saw  at the Tokyo motorshow last year, we wondered what else Toyota could have up it’s sleeve for CES 2020… turns out it is a whole city

  • Hyundai 45 concept-156

    Design Analysis: Hyundai 45 & H-Space concepts


    Car Design News takes a closer look at the Hyundai 45 and H-Space concept cars to understand the Korean manufacturer’s view of the future of car design

  • cdn-renault-clio-dashboard

    HMI walk through: Renault Clio

    2019-11-20T10:53:00Z Sponsored by

    The Renault Clio combines a large portrait central display with a fully digital instrument cluster. Watch Screens latest video review to see how the two combine to create a compelling UX

  • CDN_Skoda Octavia IV_1632660

    Skoda debuts new Octavia for 2020


    Cleaner, greener, sleeker and more “emotional” than before. Just don’t call it premium…

  • High Voltage_Electric Machine continental

    Suppliers will charge the change: opportunities in the EV value chain


    While much focus is put on OEM plans to launch more electric vehicles, a great deal of the technology, value, services and even design will come from both existing and emerging suppliers across the value chain. We expect many new opportunities for these companies over the next decade.

  • Electric fusion

    FCA–PSA fusion: first of the electric shock waves?


    The merger attempt by FCA and PSA will be complicated but makes economic and operational sense, including for R&D investment. Whether or not it goes ahead, more consolidation is likely as the automotive industry gears up for electrification