Steve Carter

Steve Carter

Steve is a freelance writer and contributor for Car Design News and describes himself as a functioning car addict.

An initial interest in and study of journalism at college faded away to be replaced by a 25-year career within the Technology sector.

Steve currently has his own consulting company focusing on After Market Services, Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain, and has this year has become a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

A lifelong passion for everything automotive, and a weakness for German Bahn stormers in particular, has led him over the past five years to be a regular feature writer for the BMW Car Club GB’s “Straight Six” magazine.

Steve is the co-founder of @TurnandClipiT #FunctioningCarAddicts on Instagram and Facebook. At best this venture is self-prescribed therapy for his automotive addiction, and at worst, a way to share his habit with anyone who will listen.

Born in the west country, Steve has lived most of his life on the south coast of England and Brighton is home. If you want to find him, he is usually outside either washing or fiddling with one of his cars, and if he is not doing that, then he is most likely out driving one, or, in his office passionately writing about another.

Brought up on a mixture of Fords and BMW’s, Steve learned to drive in an old Mini with a collapsed rear subframe and iffy alternator aged fourteen. His first car was a cherished Volkswagen Type 3 Variant however, it unfortunately spent more time occupying his fathers’ garage than it ever did occupying the outside lane.

A succession of fast German saloons and coupes, along with the odd French hatchback, have come and gone, and out of this, Steve has developed a particular fondness for BMW’s M cars.