CDN has partnered with UX and HMI benchmarkers Screens to bring you video walkthroughs of the latest cars 

It is impossible to understand the user interaction of a vehicle without actually sitting in and using the car, or so we thought before we came across the Screens studio of German benchmarking company Deutsche Automotive.

DA’s business is benchmarking, so they understand the level of detail needed to truly assess the user experience of a new car. Each week Screens will be posting a video walkthough of a car – this week it is the Audi e-tron. How Audi has integrated the rear-view cameras into the user experience is shown in detail. 

CDN can see a lot of benefits in these walkthoughs, for owners or potential owners of these models, or for anyone working in the UX design space, as it allows you (from your desk) to access how a large variety of companies have designed their systems without having to get hold of the actual cars.

We will be hosting a new Screens video each week, and there is also a library of different walkthroughs accessible on a subscription basis through the Screens website,

PS - you can view the Audi e-tron video here.


Screens Audi e-tron 2019