Best Lifestyle DesignSponsor: Alcantara‘Camper’ by Fang Siyuan and Li Zhaoyu, tutored by Qiao Nan, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry

by Rufus Thompson    21 Apr 2012
‘Camper’ by Fang Siyuan and Li Zhaoyu took the prize in the ‘Best Lifestyle Design’ category. Click for larger images
‘Best Production Model’ went to ‘G-Concept’, designed by Wu Peng and Zhang Lu
The winning designed of the ‘Best Exterior Design’ category, ‘Nissan Cross Pickup Concept’ by Xu Yixiong
The ‘Best Eco Solution’ category was won by Cao Chengang with ‘Smart Trams’
The Judge’s prize went to Gui Qi and He Xu for their ‘Mercedes-Benz X-Class’ design

Best Lifestyle Design
Sponsor: Alcantara
‘Camper’ by Fang Siyuan and Li Zhaoyu, tutored by Qiao Nan, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry

Molnar particularly liked the “versatile and flexible interior lending itself to a multitude of uses”, while Chung called the design “a sporty camper that has every function other than being a can opener! Nice shape, and looks sexy in the park with the tent up.”

Best Production Model
Sponsor: Yanfeng Visteon
‘G-Concept’ by Wu Peng from Shandong University of Art & Design and Zhang Lu from Tsinghua University, tutored by Fu Zhiwei, Shandong University of Art & Design

The judges liked the fact that this entry was “very consistent with the current trajectory of the VW brand,” with Shizuki Kajiyama, Design Studio Manager at Yanfeng Visteon, commenting that the design was “simple and bold.” Chung praised the fact that it was “an almost production ready vehicle that exudes an original Chinese aesthetic.”

Best Exterior Design
Sponsor: Qoros
‘Nissan Cross Pickup Concept’ by Xu Yixiong, tutored by Edward Wong, China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Taiji Toyota, Vice President of Design of Nissan China, called this design “confident and rugged”, while Wslawak said it had “good detailing with strong language.” Hilderbrant felt that this combination of pickup truck and multiple leisure vehicle was “respectful to the environment while working well for the 90s generation.”

Best Eco Solution
Sponsor: Lear.
‘Smart Trams’ from Cao Chengang tutored by Zhu Zhongyan, Tongji University

“Though the tandem seating layout is not new, ” said Chung, “the technical look helped the vehicle express a purposeful personality in a unique and city friendly package.” He was also impressed by the “high degree of attention to detail’ and a ‘good production layout to tell the story.”

Nemeth added, “the vehicle and surroundings were beautifully executed”. This was “an outstanding work presenting a global scenario for future mobility.”

Judges’ Prize
Sponsor: Icona
‘Mercedes-Benz X-Class’ by Gui Qi and He Xu, tutored by Huang Jiancheng, China Central Academy of Fine Arts

This prize was given to one of the designs on the shortlist that wasn’t quite complete enough or did not have the overall caliber to be winner, but nevertheless was inspirational and caught the judges’ eye.

“Quite amazing visualization work,” said Demian Horst, Programme Director of MA Transportation Design at the Umea Institute of Design. Chung believed that “while some fundamentals were seemingly not addressed in the presentation, the Syd Mead-like backdrops and fantasy-like story telling meant this was beautifully executed.”

The work of all the finalists, with comments from the judges and full details of the competition, is on the competition website.


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