A well-executed and highly detailed concept that offers real solutions for an enormous problem has been chosen by the judges

A winner has been selected from North America for the Magna Global Bold Perspective Award. Ali Shoghimojarad from College for Creative Studies takes top spot with his RAM Endurance concept. The fire-proof pick-up truck was inspired by the Nasa Space Shuttle and armoured vehicles, and has been designed to help residents of California escape wildfires.

Through his in-depth research, Shoghimojarad examined the inevitable increase in frequency of deadly wildfires due to climate change and global warming. He delved into the problems people face today when they are unprepared, as well as issues such as congestion and roadblocks, before offering potential solutions. His pick-up includes several innovative ideas, such as the impenetrable skin made from titanium carbide, the in-built conveyor to help aid loading, and the sliding shield to allow for more space during “sleep-over mode”.

All the judges were extremely impressed with Shoghimojarad’s concept, and believed it focused on many of the fundamental requirements set in the brief. Entries were asked to design an SUV, van, or pick-up that focuses on three areas: sustainability, access, and appearance. The vehicle would be launched in 2030, giving designers scope to explore forward-looking technologies. Entries also needed to offer potential solutions for travel while ensuring a positive impact on the planet and environment. 

Judge’s comments:

“Ali Shoghimojarad takes the traditional role of the pick-up and moves it to dramatic levels by utilising new materials, technologies and design solutions. The attributes of safety, capability and strength are the backbone of what a pick-up should be for its owner and the community they share. Ali’s solutions highlight the protective role a vehicle’s exterior plays not only in extreme situations but also in the changing world we live in today.” – Larry Erickson, Global Director of Exteriors Design Group, Magna International

“Given the current situation in the American West this idea resonated with me. The idea of an escape vehicle is great and could be used in variety of other ways, military for instance. The thought process is also commendable and well-articulated.” – Brad Richards, Vice President of Styling & Design, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

“This truck design is one that offers a solution to the increasing fires we are currently experiencing and will continue to experience in the future due to climate change. Thoughtful ideas are abundant throughout, such as the large entry doors and the conveyor belt to load items quickly in an emergency evacuation, and use of advanced materials on the exterior are also noted to enable the truck to survive the heat extremes when driving through a fire.” – Elizabeth Wetzel, Co-Director, Transportation Design College of Architecture and Design, Lawrence Technological University 

“Great thinking and execution for a very niche but marketable idea. I especially appreciate the designer’s research into non-automotive materials and the protective form factor used in the truck’s body language.” ­– Jay Shuster, Production Designer, Pixar Animation Studios