Prospective designers are now able to enter Magna’s 2021 Global Bold Perspective Award, with the winner receiving $11,000

Submissions for the Magna 2021 Global Bold Perspective Award are now being taken. The winner will receive $11,000 and will gain considerable exposure for their work on a global stage. 

To enter, students must design a passenger vehicle for the year 2030 that functions as a SUV, van or pick-up. The exterior design should incorporate innovation that focuses on three key areas: sustainability, access and appearance. Successfully developed concepts must show what problems are being solved for individuals or groups by the vehicle. Click here for the full brief

Larry Erickson, global director of exteriors design group at Magna Exteriors and one of the award judges, describes the challenge in more detail: “We want people to look at their culture and how vehicles interact within communities. This is a very complex time, and a great time of change. All platforms are moving towards electrification and the integration of advanced systems. There is also the support structure that exists outside the vehicle to consider. It is a wonderful opportunity to create some inspiring concepts.” 

Chanwoo Park, winner of the 2020 Magna Bold Perspective Award, devised a ‘Medic Bay’ to act as a transport and care facility for senior citizens. ”After completing my junior semester at College for Creative Studies, I have been thinking about what true automotive design is,” Park says. ”The award gave me a more solid belief in the design ideas I develop. It is now possible to think more deeply about three-dimensional design and the future, including story, problem solving, culture, and humanity, not just aesthetics.”

As well as an overall competition winner, three regional winners will be selected from China, Europe and North America. Each will receive $6,000 (the overall winner receiving an additional $5,000). 

Enter Magna’s 2021 Global Bold Perspective Award here.