Teaming up with the Ultrasuede® brand brings an upgraded experience to the NIO EC6

The Ultrasuede® brand has cooperated with the Chinese EV maker NIO on the electric Coupe SUV called the EC6. It was launched at the 2020 Chengdu Auto Show, and has already gone on sale.

High quality materials are used throughout the EC6. A two-tone layered dash is finished in leather and microcloud material, with several lines of graphite chrome also running from door to door. The ‘Himalayan brown’ leather continues on the centre console, seats and doors. These surfaces are in easy reach of passengers in the front seats, and are therefore commonly subject to touch and feel.

Ultrasuede® material is used on the ceiling, pillars and sun visors, resulting in an enhanced level of detail and refinement. The ultra-fine non-woven fabric has a suede texture that is extremely soft to touch, and its subtle tone is in keeping with the other colours of the interior. It adds a distinct aesthetic harmony to the inside of the EC6.

The panoramic moonroof on the EC6 has been designed to maximise the amount of natural light in the cabin. Ultrasuede® almost runs into the glass, making the whole interior looks more pure.

Ultrasuede® is offered globally by Toray as an advanced material of premium Japanese quality. It is produced with advanced technologies including recycled and plant-based polymers. Highly tactile and functional, the material continues to be selected for use not only in car interiors but also in airplanes, mobile devices and fashion.

The house shoe company Dooeys ( has also adopted Ultrasuede® for its vegan slipshoe. Founder Jordan Clark wanted to reimagine slippers for modern home life, making a product that women can look and feel good in while doing good for the planet. She spent a year and a half sourcing high-quality plant-based and recycled materials for Dooeys like apple leather, sugarcane soles, and Toray Ultrasuede® to create the perfect house shoe. Thanks to the characteristics of Ultrasuede®, the slipshoe is breathable and lightweight, making it comfortable when hot but also soft and warm in cold temperatures.

Companies across all industries are constantly looking for the next differentiator – a way to make their product stand out from the crowd. Ultrasuede® has been featured in many iconic and era-defining applications, inspir­ing creativity in those who adopt it and enabling “Beautiful Possibilities”.

Watch the video below to learn more about the 2021 automotive collection, and download the new Ultrasuede brochure here