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Future Center Asia – Inspired by people, shaping the future 


Future Center Asia aims to provide mobility solutions specifically for the Chinese and Asian markets and ideas and concepts that also can be transferred to the world. The group-wide solutions will be integrated into our strong brands.

It will focus on visionary products and services, disruptive technologies, smart city concepts, start-up scouting and a best-in class customer experience that respond to Asian customers’ expectations.

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Here we break down the traditional barriers by bringing together exterior and interior designers, user experience experts and specialists for artificial intelligence, smart cities, scouting and engineering.

Future Center Asia together with its global network (Future Center Europe & Future Center California) take a whole new approach to envisioning people’s mobility needs of the future and creating visionary solutions.

The Future Center will house a cross-functional team of 50 creatives in a think tank environment developing future designs, advanced user experience concepts and disruptive business models.



Peter Ortlieb

Head of Design, Volkswagen Group Future Center Asia

Peter brings a wealth of experience in the China market to this role, he was Head of FAW-Volkswagen Design in Changchun under the leadership of Simon Loasby for the last 5 years. Together with a 50 strong team of creatives he was responsible for developing China specific concepts and production models for the Volkswagen brand. Peter’s career journey started within Volkswagen Design as a Clay Modeller in 2003, followed by studies at the Magdeburg Design Institute for Transportation and Industrial Design. Before returning to Volkswagen in 2012 he worked for EDAG and as a Freelancer for different companies in Design, Modelling and Visualisation




• Volkswagen Group Future Center Asia


• Volkswagen Group Future Center Asia

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