One superb entry has been selected as the standout overall winner for this years’ Car Design Awards, breaking the boundaries of conventional vehicle design

The coveted Car Design Awards China has concluded for 2021 with a digital ceremony held at CDN’s Car Design Dialogues Asia virtual event. Winners had their work displayed during the ceremony, and the expert judging panel picked out their highlights.

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Congratulations were extended to the three winners of the OEM briefs and the six category winners, before the overall winner was crowned by Larry Erickson of Magna Exteriors – the premier sponsor of the competition.

Haoxi Li and Shuye Zhang of Dalian University of Technology were selected as the overall winners, becoming the 2021 Student Designers of the Year. “This entry is a wonderful example of how beautiful a piece of transportation can be, and how advanced technologies, materials, manufacturing and systems can bring greater value to the customer and make a better world,” said Erickson. The best school award went to Dalian University of Technology.

A new award was also handed out for the first time in the competition’s 12-year history. Dubbed the People’s Choice, the new award allowed the design community in China to vote for their favourite entry. Over 20,000 votes were cast, with Haoxi Li and Shuye Zhang again taking top spot.

Aside from the People’s Choice award, all of the winners had been selected ahead of the ceremony by the expert judging panel during an online assessment session. A total of 250 entries were submitted by students from 91 different universities across China for the 2021 competition. 

“The China Awards has discovered many outstanding designers of the years, many of whom have gone on to enjoy illustrious careers working in design studios across the world,” commented Abel Sampson, chair of the Awards and CDN’s publisher. “We had some incredible entries this year, with numerous students providing beautifully in-depth and innovative concepts. Congratulations to this years’ winners, we wish you the very best of luck!”

List of winners:

Zeyu Chen, China University of Petroleum

Ji Ma, Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Zhicheng Li, Shandong University of Art & Design

Haoxi Li and Shuye Zhang, Dalian University of Technology

Ziqi An, Nanjing University of Science & Technology

Pengqi Yang and Dongfang Qin, Dalian University of Technology

Dalian University of Technology won the best school award