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    Interior Motives: Volvo EX30


    The EX30 might be Volvo’s smallest SUV to date, but its significance is mighty 

  • AstonMartinDB12Reveal┬®PhotoMaxEarey-8303

    Interior Motives: Aston Martin DB12


    The interior of the new Aston Martin DB12 marks a revolution for the British marque and the start of a new journey (via Interior Motives Autumn 2024 issue) 

  • amyfrascellachiefdesignercolourmaterials003

    Interior Motives: Amy Frascella


    CMF design has emerged from the shadow of interior and exterior design teams. Car Design News spoke to Amy Frascella about the discipline’s quiet revolution

  • Dacia Manifesto steering wheel instrument cluster

    Interior Motives: Dacia Manifesto


    Dacia has torn up the rulebook with its latest concept. Originally a thought experiment for the company’s brand values, the Manifesto project quickly snowballed into concept that was driven from the inside out

  • 2022 Citroen Oli - ext R3Q R

    Circularity in car design requires a culture shift


    Sustainable car design is finally starting to gain speed but it needs to accelerate faster and more credibly than ever. Jonathan Bell gauges the state of the industry

  • Interior Motives Cover

    To mark its 20th anniversary Interior Motives returns to print


    Twenty years is a long time in design. Interior Motives editor James McLachlan looks back at what was happening in the world at the time and what has changed

  • Interior Motives cover

    Interior Motives returns to print


    Car Design News’ James McLachlan and Abel Sampson discuss the return of the premium industry publication for interior car design Interior Motives as a biannual printed magazine 

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    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives Winter 2021 Digital Edition


    The winter edition of Interior Motives features in depth coverage of the Range Rover MK5, BMW i VIsion Circular, Mullen Five and Hyundai Seven. Plus, we bring you the latest colour and trim trends and highlight the most significant latest launches

  • Interior Motives Autumn 2021 cover
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives Autumn 2021 Digital Edition


    The autumn edition of Interior Motives features in depth coverage of the Audi Grandsphere, Volkswagen ID.Life, Volvo Concept Recharge and the Mini Strip with Paul Smith. Plus, we bring you the latest colour and trim trends and highlight the most significant latest launches

  • aMerc EQS - int Hyperscreen dash

    Interior Motives Summer 2021: Mercedes Benz EQS


    The Mercedes EQS’ mother of all screens polarised the design community between believers and sceptics. However, Guy Bird finds there is more to the German’s marque’s interior than its vaunted black mirror

  • zephyr-reflection-preview-car-12

    Interior Motives Summer 2021: Lincoln Zephyr


    New sedan designed in California for the Chinese market employs classic Lincoln design cues as well as the OEMs new concept of ‘quiet flight’ to target a young, progressive crowd

  • IM Airo by Heatherwick ext - F3Q L landscape

    Interior Motives Summer 2021: SAIC IM Airo


    Heatherwick Studio, which designed the revamped London Routemaster Bus and the 2012 Olympic Cauldron, has created the SAIC Airo ‑ a living room on wheels that cleans the air as it moves


    Interior Motives Summer 2021: GAC Enpulse


    With a refulgent yellow interior, a structurally impressive IP and pop culture stylings, GAC’s LA team has designed a sportscar for the digital age with the Enpulse 

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    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives Summer 2021 Digital Edition


    The summer edition of Interior Motives has landed featuring exclusive coverage of the Lincoln Zephyr, GAC Enpulse, SAIC Airo and the Mercedes EQS. Plus we bring you the latest colour and trim trends

  • Hyundai Ioniq finished interior

    Interior Motives Spring 2021: Hyundai Ioniq 5


    A calming colour palette, sliding centre console and fridge magnet style personalisation – Hyundai’s Ioniq borrows from domestic design to create a coherent, usable interior rather than ‘la la land’ concepts 

  • DS 4 Sketch 3

    Interior Motives: DS 4


    With a serene interior that leans into the feeling of savoir faire, the DS 4 ushers in a new era for the aspiring premium brand

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    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives Spring 2021 Digital Edition


    The spring edition of Interior Motives is out now featuring cutting edge design concepts and the newest production launches, with exclusive coverage of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Nio ET7, DS4, Mini Vision Urbanaut plus a deep dive into the future of screens and the latest colour and trim trends

  • HERO

    Interior Motives: Maserati MC20


    The Maserati MC20 bolsters its technological simplicity with the addition of bespoke  interior detailing. Throw in some inspiration via vintage Pininfarina and you have a compelling package

  • HERO

    Interior Motives: Mercedes Maybach S-Class


    Ambient lighting, a cocoon-like interior, and champagne flutes – the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is a cut above its standard sibling and offers a strong alternative to British luxury marques such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley

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    Interior Motives: Hyundai Prophecy


    Resolutely not a ‘show business’ car, the Prophecy contrasts analogue and digital worlds to create an original and unique car interior which, according to the design team, will soon be on our streets