2021 Brief

The 2021 Magna Global Bold Perspective Challenge is to design a passenger vehicle for the year 2030 that functions as a SUV, van or pickup. The exterior design should incorporate innovation that focuses on three key areas;

Sustainability; Having sustainability as a core design objective, you will have the opportunity to include what materials you would use to make the vehicle, how it’s manufactured, how the vehicle serves the user and how it is ultimately disposed of. With lightweight innovative materials, efficient powertrains such as battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell, active aerodynamics that improve vehicle efficiency, and material recycling you have the potential to significantly reduce the impact of the vehicle on the environment.

Access; Improve the entry and exit of passengers, their possessions, and depending on vehicle purpose, tools and cargo.

Appearance; Utilizing innovative exterior body panels, materials and advance technologies to create an exterior that appeals to buyers and users with beauty and purpose.

We are looking for solutions that allow everyone the freedom to travel, work and achieve with ease while ensuring a better planet for current and future generations.

Successfully developed concepts must show what problems are being solved for individuals or groups by the vehicle. We want insights into the challenges consumers face and solutions that could solve them. Concepts will be judged on innovation, sustainability and appeal. Entries should use the year 2030 as a time frame, and vehicles need to be road based. The level of autonomy is up to the designer, but it should be assumed that when necessary the vehicle can be driven manually.