UX Analysis: Jaguar I-Pace


We got inside the electric SUV on its official launch and took an in-depth look at its interface

The I-Pace project was given the go-ahead in 2014, at which point, Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum recounts, “I said to the team ‘we’re going to create something special’.”

Seeing the I-Pace in Geneva, it was clear that Callum’s goal had been achieved. The I-Pace cleverly combines a new proportion, while still being identifiable a Jaguar. It’s the sort of car (an SUV) customers want. And it breaks that magic 300-mile range barrier that, to date, only Tesla can offer.

There’s much more to an EV than proportion, typology and battery range though. Which is why we’re stood on the side of a hill in the Algarve, photographing a red I-Pace (although whoever specified these press cars is not the design team’s best friend – the I-Pace needs a less in-your-face colour, and the signature, 22-inch wheel design).

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