Geneva 2018: Ken Okuyama's K.O7


This was the biggest surprise of the Geneva motor show 2008. Ken Okuyama, one of the industry’s more prolific designers having held senior positions at GM, Porsche, Pininfarina and Art Center College of Design, announced a new car company producing his new sports car: the K.O7.

aking inspiration from the Lotus Super Seven, the minimalist K.O7 is conceptually closest to the Ariel Atom and the KTM X-Bow; with its transverse mid-mounted four-cylinder engine, ‘cycle wing’ fenders separate to the main car body and no windshield. The sister K.O8 coupe shown adjacent to the K.O7 differs in having integral fenders to the body a windshield and a detachable single-panel roof. Series production in Japan will begin later this year at a rate of about 100 per year at a price of approximately quarter of a million US dollars. This is a lot for such a minimalist car, but the K.O7 is dense with high-value design details.

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