CDN took a look at our user interaction, and came up short. So we have invested in a whole new platform for content

CDN Infiniti QX Inspiration seat control 5316

CDNs new website should be as intuitive as the seat controls in an Infiniti QX Inspiration 

As a company which regularly dissects other companies’ use and understanding of user interaction and design, we thought it was about time we had a (long overdue) overhaul of our own system. Welcome to the all-new Car Design News website (launched today). It still contains all the archive material you value, but has a much enhanced search function, registration process, image presentation and speed. 

As a highly visual subject area, we have chosen a platform which allows for more flexibility with galleries and images, and one which delivers the stories, videos, images and sketches to you quickly and intuitively on desktop and mobile devices. The new website also heralds the start of more focus on interiors at Car Design News starting with an interior design development story for the McLaren Speedtail.

We are still in the roll-out stage, and there may be a few bumps in the road. But bear with us and I think you will notice the difference immediately.

If you spot any howlers, please let us know, and we’ll fix them. You will also need to re-register (even if you are a subscriber already) but not (clearly) pay again! Once you have registered for this new site, your visits to should be quick and seamless. 

Thanks for your patience this week while we get all the parts of the (cough, Newspress award-winning) content and new website knitting together properly. There is lots of great features to come - a Special Report about design and the Chinese market, a write up of Frank Stephenson’s new film Chasing Perfect and a bundle of the best degree-show work.



The Car Design News Team