Car Design News marks International Women’s Day by sharing a collection of recent features, interviews and career moves involving prominent female designers 

While we don’t pursue stories based on gender, of course, for International Womens Day we thought we would share some of the recent stories where female designers have played a prominent role.

It is no secret that there is a gender imbalance in car design, an issue that will take more than an article to solve. What we can do is shine a light on the women in design, and with that in mind, who should we speak to in 2024 and beyond? Let us know. 

Amy Fracella

The former materiality director at Jaguar Land Rover spoke to Interior Motives about the changing face of CMF. 


Amy Frascella

Agnete Linikaite

Tata’s UI/UX designer discusses screens, AI and finding a balance in HMI touchpoints. 

Agnete Linikatie, Tata UX:UI designer

Agnete Linikatie, Tata UX:UI designer

Benedetta Terraneo

Miko Srl’s business manager discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by material suppliers. 

Benedetta Terraneo

Benedetta Terraneo, Miko Srl

Christine Cheng

The former GM designer was brought over to Ford as a design director last year, reporting to Anthony Lo. 

Christine Cheng, Ford

Christine Cheng, Ford

Debra Choong

The Bridge of Weir designer says leather surfaces could be embedded with sensors, heating or cooling elements and even interactive displays in future. 

Debra Choong, Bridge of Weir

Debra Choong, Bridge of Weir

Emma Clerici

The co-founder of Baolab spoke as part of the Milan design night panel, and explained how car design can draw inspiration from other industries. 

Design night hero shot Milan

Emma Clerici, Baolab (middle left) at CDN Milan 

Jennifer Kolstad

The Ford designer took home the Beyond Automotive design award at the 2023 People Awards, recognised by her peers for establishing a global vision for environmental design, shaping the future of the workplace and rethinking the customer experience.

Jennifer M Kolstad Beyond Automotive_CDN_PeopleAwards-10

Jennifer M Kolstad, Ford, (centre) at 2023 People Awards

Lisa Reeves

A finalist for World Car Person of the Year, Volvo’s head of interior design played a key role in models like the EX30 and EX90, alongside the likes of CMF designers Rekha Meena, Camille Audra and Felicia Edvid. 

Lisa Reeves Volvo

Lisa Reeves, Volvo

Maria Mulder

Bentley’s head of CMF spoke to us during a recent visit to Crewe where the team is taking craftsmanship to new levels. 

Maria Mulder Bentley

Maria Mulder, Bentley

Camille Marie Lecoq

Lotus’ CMF lead explains why, among other things, lightweighting requirements can be addressed directly through new materials and assembly techniques. 

Marie-Camille Lecoq & Kirsty Sahota

Marie-Camille Lecoq (left) and Kirsty Sahota. Lotus

Michelle Christensen 

Karma’s VP of design recently described the brand’s latest model, the Gyesera, as the “baddest GT on the road” – more on that to come on CDN very soon. 

Michelle Christensen

Michelle Christensen, Karma

Nicola Danks

Lucid elevated Nicola Danks to CMF design director at the end of last year, and in April joined CDN for a livestream to discuss trends in luxury. 

Nicola Danks

Lucid’s Nicola Danks (top right) chats to CDN 

Sharon Gauci

As well as being a recent Car Design Review judge, Gauci has been working on Buick’s “sculptural beauty” design language. 

Sharon Gauci GM CDR 9 hero

Sharon Gauci, General Motors

Sophie Li

The head of Volvo’s Shanghai studio spoke to CDN recently about the ground-breaking EM90 minivan. 

Sophie Li

Sophie Li, Volvo

Sue Magnusson

The former Lucid designer has a fascinating story behind her path into design. We spoke to her about that shortly after her retirement last year. 

Sue Magnusson Lucid2023-01-26 at 15.53.00

Sue Magnusson, formerly Lucid